Steam & Tourist Railway News – February 2021

Tourist Railways Featuring Operating Steam Locomotives

by Thomas R. Schultz

New Jersey

Whippany, New Jersey
Regarding Whippany Railway Museum’s ongoing restoration of former U. S. Army 4039, 0‐6‐0 (ALCO /
Schenectady 70421 / 1942): “The new firebox has returned to Mammoth Boiler Works in Colorado and
will soon be joined to the new barrel. Once that is done, the new tubes can be installed.” – Posted on
the Railway & Preservation News BBS on 12. February, 2021 by Al Holleuffer.

Whippany Railway Museum:


West Virginia

Ridgeley, West Virginia
On 08. February, 2021, the Cumberland Times‐News reported that, following an inspection of its
permanent way, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) determined before the operation of tourist
trains may be resumed, Western Maryland Scenic Railroad must purchase and install 50,000 new
sleepers (crossties) at an estimated cost of EUR 1.65€ million (USD $2 million).
Western Maryland Scenic Railroad 1309, 2‐6‐6‐2 (BLW 74278 / 1949), ex‐Chesapeake & Ohio
1309, serviceable

Western Maryland Scenic Railroad:

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