Japan: Museum Railway on a very narrow track

I visited “Niji-no-Sato” which is in Izu Peninsula of Shizuoka Prefecture last Saturday.


Word to word translation is Village(s) (or Town(s)) of Rainbow, though I found some brochures in English say Park of Rainbow, which describe the reality..


This contains a photo of the steam locomotives in the shed and a shot from the lineside though with no train against the background of Mt.Fuji. These spots are not open to public and a friend of mine ran a photo tour including these spots. There were of course no run-bys.

The tour leader selected a day in January, because the weather on the Pacific Coast in winter is almost always fine with clear sky. However it was heavily overcast unfortunately and Mt. Fuji was not seen.

The park opened on 1st April 1990.  The track is about 2.4km long and of dog-bone shape.

The steam locomotives are as follows,

Cumbria:                      Made by Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway in 1992

Northern Rock II:         Made Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway in 1989

Ernest W. Twining :     ??  I found two pieces of information
       -Guest Engineering in 1950
       -Niji-no-Sato says it was made by the Fairbourne Railway in 1949

C11328:                            Made by the Kanazawa Institute of Technology in 1995

The loco on duty was Northern Rock II.

You see:

Japan_1071        From left to right, Ernest W. Twining, Cumbria and Northern Rock II

Japan_5730.       Ernest W. Twining

Japan_5770.       Cumbria and Northern Rock II

Japan_1186        Passing by the shed

Japan_6063        Arriving at the British Village station wish unusual puffing

Japan_6077        An S-curve at mid-point of the two stations

Japan_6175        C11328    The prototype is made by Nippon Sharyo 1419 made in 1946. Unfortunately it was scrapped.

Japan_6219        The blow down before entering the shed

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