Steam & Tourist Railway News – May 2021

Tourist Railways and Museums Featuring Operating Steam Locomotives


Alna, Maine
29. April, 2021: Joe Fusco uploaded to YouTube a fine video depicting steam operations at the WW&F:


Wiscasset, Waterville and Farmington Railway Museum:


New York

Columbia, New York
05. May, 2021: In Columbia, New York the “Lackawanna Trail Park” is restoring a portion of the former Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad right‐of‐way, primarily as a walking trail. A short distance of railway track is also being reinstated on which a tourist train is planned to operate. Power for the train is Edaville 6, an 0‐4‐0T, 600‐millimeter gauge locomotive built by Henschel in 1936. At least for the time being, this locomotive is being operated on compressed air, not steam.

  • Edaville 6, 0‐4‐0T (Henschel / Kassel 23036 / 1936), 600‐millimeter gauge, “Weimar”

YouTube video (poor) of Edaville 6 operating using compressed air (and, presumably, with a small fire in the firebox, but without water in the boiler!):

Utica, Chenango and Susquehanna Valley Railroad:
UC&SV Facebook page:‐Route‐148181511884263/



Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
23. May, 2021: On the weekend of 22. – 23. May, 2021, Pennsylvania Railroad 643 was steamed. Additional 2021 steam‐up dates are planned. For additional details, please visit the Williams Grove Historical Steam Engine Association website.

Pennsylvania 643, 0‐6‐0 (Pennsylvania Juniata Shop, Altoona, Pennsylvania 2184 / 1901) Williams Grove Historical Steam Engine Association:


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Jeddo Coal Company 85

Jeddo Coal Company 85 is depicted crossing the Monocacy River. 22. May, 2021. Image:
Alex Mayes.


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